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In Motion: Japan

Japan is a country that will overload your senses, but at the same time leave you with a feeling of tranquility. The commotion of the city mixed with the calming nature and reverence is a juxtaposition that just works.

I fell in love with Japan and its culture, and a couple of weeks there definitely left me wanting more. Some of our favorite experiences were the absolute craziness of the Robot Restaurant, attending a traditional tea ceremony, visiting the bamboo gardens, exploring the gardens and shrines, viewing Tokyo from above, wandering around Shibu Onsen, watching the snow monkeys sit in a hot spring, staying in a ryokan, spotting a Geisha, eating conveyor belt sushi, and slurping noodles at Ichiran Ramen.

Watch the video below from our time in Japan. Also, be sure to check out our photo essays from Tokyo and Kyoto, as well!