Kayak the Black Canyon, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

10 Off The Strip Adventures in Las Vegas

As we have been saying lately, there are so many unique off the strip adventures in Las Vegas. We had such a fun time stepping away from the glitz and glam of the more traditional Las Vegas haunts, and exploring a bit different side of the city, one that’s filled with nature and adventure! Here is a recap of our favorite adventures in Las Vegas from our short trip to Sin City.

Zipline through Bootleg Canyon:

Las Vegas isn’t the first spot that typically comes to mind when you think of ziplining, but there are surprisingly a couple of great options. If you want to get out and explore nature, the tour through Bootleg Canyon about 30 minutes out of the city is a fantastic option. The blue skies contrast beautifully with the red, rocky terrain and it will definitely get your adrenaline rushing when you fly through the desert at speeds of up to 60 mph. There is also a zipline that runs over Fremont Street; although you are still within the city limits, it would be pretty entertaining to fly through the streets with the lights surrounding you!

Zipline Bootleg Canyon, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hike the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area:

If you are looking for some great hiking options close to the city, head to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. There are more than 30 miles of hiking trails and opportunities for rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking and more. The 13-mile scenic drive takes you through the park and offers ample opportunities for short hikes and scenic viewpoints. The visitor center offers informative exhibits and great views of the surrounding area.

Red Rock, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fly while Indoor Skydiving:

While you can undoubtedly go skydiving in Las Vegas, there aren’t many places where you can actually do it inside. Flying inside a wind tunnel in a skydiving simulator is quite a rush. If you are a seasoned skydiver, you can practice your moves, and it’s great for first timers who want to give skydiving a try without actually jumping out of a plane!

Indoor Skydiving, Las Vegas, Favorite Urban Adventures, Wander The Map

Road Trip to the Hoover Dam:

The magnificent marvel that is the Hoover Dam is under an hour drive from the Las Vegas strip. You can take a tour that brings you inside of the dam, and you can walk along the top of the dam to get spectacular views of the area. There is also a lookout point from the nearby bridge if you would like to get a glimpse of the dry side of the dam. No matter how busy it is, the engineering feat is astonishing enough and worthy of at least a quick peek.

Hoover Dam, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Get on the Water at Black Canyon or Lake Mead:

While there isn’t much water in the desert, you do have the option to explore the water at Lake Mead or in the Black Canyon, which are located on opposite sides of the Hoover Dam. The options are endless, but you can rent kayaks, boats, jet skis, houseboats and more to explore either water oasis. Navigating the beautiful scenery in these areas is sure to be a great way to escape some of the draining desert heat. We loved exploring the Black Canyon and paddling our kayaks down to the Emerald Cave–it was the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.

Kayak the Black Canyon, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Drink at Prohibition Style Bars:

Clubs are a dime a dozen throughout Las Vegas, so for something a bit different, try heading to one of the Prohibition style speakeasy bars located near Downtown Las Vegas. Our favorite stop was at The Commonwealth–we made a reservation for their secret speakeasy, The Laundry Room, and entered through a hidden door in the wall. There is a great cocktail menu available, but if you are feeling daring, the bartenders will make you a delicious drink based specifically on your personal tastes. We also enjoyed The Lady Silva, and I’ve heard the Mob Bar is a great place to stop, as well.

Speakeasy, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wander around Container Park:

Container Park is made up of shipping containers that are stacked on top of one another and the complex is filled with shopping, dining and entertainment. There is a play area for children and you can find music or movies playing at the amphitheater on a nightly basis.

Container Park, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Explore the Neon Museum:

Known as the place where neon signs go to die, the Neon Museum is filled with history, lights and plenty of stories. Take the hour-long guided tour to explore the neon boneyard and walk around the maze of abandoned neon signs. We took a tour that started just before sunset, which was great because we were able to see the signs during the day and all lit up at night. It’s fascinating to see how large the signs are and I loved hearing the history behind some of the signs in the museum!

Neon Museum, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Enjoy the Fremont Street Experience:

Even though Fremont Street Experience is all about flashing lights, it’s still off the strip, and it is quite a show. Located in Downtown Las Vegas, you can’t miss the Viva Vision Light Show where the entire ceiling is illuminated and imagery dances to music. The screen is 1,500 feet long and 90 feet wide—so in other words, it’s huge! It was definitely a sight to see, especially if you are already in the area for another reason.

Freemont Street, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada

Head to the Grand Canyon on a Day Trip:

Although we visited the Grand Canyon on a separate trip earlier this year, the North Rim is close enough to Vegas for a long day trip. With such a spectacular wonder of the world that close, it’s hard not to make a quick trip to see the stunning landscape. Either rent a car and drive yourself or hop on a guided tour for a relaxing ride there and back; just make sure to get out and soak it all up!

Grand Canyon, Off the Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada


Have you tried any of these? What are you favorite adventures in Las Vegas?


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