Wish List Destination Barcelona, Spain

Wish List Destinations

Going through all of our images from Iceland and reminiscing has made us really want to go back to this amazing little country, but is has also ignited our wanderlust for the destinations we want to travel to next. We love returning to our favorite places, but there is something about the unknown of a new locale that brings the excitement to a new level. We have plans to visit Northern Ireland and Ireland this fall and will be traveling around the United States in the meantime, but as of now, we have no other set plans, and the options are endless!

We usually dictate our travel plans to visit places where we can work out a good deal by using frequent flier miles and hotel points, to help keep the cost down. I am often obsessed with finding a bargain, so I am always on the lookout for deals to the locations we would like to visit most. It ends up working out quite well because we have a large list of places we want to visit so I am always able to find at least one location that will work well within our budget.

There is still so much of the world that we are dying to see, but here are 5 places that are currently towards the top of our wish list destinations:

We recently asked the question on our Facebook page, “If you had the chance to leave right now for an all expense paid trip, where would you go?” We received so many fun answers, and to share our answer with you, both Micah and I would pick Antarctica. There is something about the untouched beauty and lack of a permanent population that is intriguing. Antarctica sounds like it is such a deserted and inaccessible place, but it is actually quite accessible with a little planning, and a cruise is a great option for exploring the area. I would love to see the adorable penguins, kayak through the breathtaking landscape, take a cruise on the small zodiac boats and send a post card from Port Lockroy, the southernmost post office in the world.

Wish List Destination Antarctica

CC image courtesy of Hamish Moffatt on Flickr

Barcelona, Spain:
Spain, specifically Barcelona and the Costa Brava region has been drawing me in as of late. The beauty of the beaches, the Gaudi architecture, and delicious food has me dreaming about this region. I recently searched online and found some great stays in Barcelona, Spain, and coupled with the fact that the weather is great year round, brings my desire to travel to this area up a few notches. I would also love to walk the Camino de Santiago at some point—I really enjoy the stories and tips here on Travel Destination Bucket List.

Wish List Destination Barcelona, Spain

CC image courtesy of Jordi Cerdà on Flickr

Istanbul, Turkey:
The entire country of Turkey has been at the top of my wish list for quite some time, even with the current unrest in the area. Istanbul is such a vibrant city with a very interesting history, and there is the allure of the Bazaar, the Aya Sofya, visiting a Turkish Bath and so much more. Making a side trip to Pamukkale and Cappadocia is also a must. Soaking in the Travertine hot springs in Pamukkale would be amazing. As far as Cappadocia, I would love to take a hot air balloon ride, hike through the chimney like landscape and sleep in a cave hotel.

Wish List Destination Istanbul

CC image courtesy of Funky Tee on Flickr

Southeast Asia:
I know this area covers numerous locations, but I can’t even begin to narrow this entire area down into just one or two of them. There are so many countries in Southeast Asia that we want to visit—Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia—I want to see them all! Each one sounds amazing in its own right and I go in circles trying to pick the one I want to visit most. It doesn’t help my daydreaming when I search through some of my favorite blogs such as Never Ending Footsteps and Alex in Wanderland which both share amazing photographs and stories from the area. I’m guessing Thailand will be our first of these countries, but who knows what will end up happening!

Wish List Destinations Southeast Asia

CC image courtesy of Mikhail Koninin on Flickr

South Africa:
Going on a safari in Africa seems to be at the top of everyone’s list, are we are no exception. Seeing the amazing “Big 5” animals along with many others, and the thought of exploring Cape Town and the surrounding areas has us drooling. When reading itineraries such as this one from Adventurous Kate, it makes it hard not to include South Africa on this list.

Wish List Destination South Africa

CC image courtesy of Dietmar Temps on Flickr

As I finish writing this, I realize how many other locations I could have included as well…Bolivia, Italy, Portugal, Peru, Switzerland, Japan, Jordan, Australia, New Zealand, countless destinations throughout the United States and Caribbean…and so many more. There really is no end to our wanderlust so I guess I should stop there or this post will go on forever!

Any guesses on which will be our next destination? Have you traveled to any of these places? Where are you dying to go?