Crown Fountains of Chicago

Chicago is one of my favorite cities–when living in Minneapolis it was either a quick flight or a 7 hour drive away.  Micah and I always chose to drive to Chicago because we enjoy a good road trip and don’t mind being in the car.

I really love the relaxing Millennium Park area–every time we visit Chicago, we take time out at the Crown Fountains.  The fountains are so unique and enjoyable to watch, and they make a great spot for a nice break from walking around the busy city.

Built from glass bricks, the two towers face each other from across a granite reflecting pool and project images of Chicago residents’ faces.  The faces interact with one another and “spit” out water, which also creates interaction with park goers looking to get cooled off.

The #FriFotos theme this week is Brick, so I thought these photos of one of our favorite fountains would be fitting.  Take a look!