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Snowmobiling in the Mountains of Utah

Snowmobiling through the Mountains of Utah

Another winter activity that I have neglected since I was young was snowmobiling. It has always been an adventure I enjoyed, but for some reason it stayed off my to do list until we made our way to Utah this winter. Snowmobiling through the mountains of Utah made the … [Read More...]

Cliff Hanger Hummer Tour in Sedona, Arizona

Cliff Hanger Hummer Tour through Sedona’s Red Rocks

The last time we were in Sedona, I had no interest in the numerous jeep tours that were offered. It seemed everywhere we turned, there was another jeep tour company in our faces. So, on our recent visit while on a filming project, I was open to … [Read More...]

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sedona, Arizona

Floating Through the Red Rocks on a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sedona

I was expecting to feel some sort of launch or weightlessness, but instead, we could not even tell that we had left the ground. Before we knew it, we were floating hundreds of feet above ground and rising. It was our first hot air balloon … [Read More...]

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