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Summit Brewing Company Brewery Tour in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Morning Beers at the Summit Brewery Tour

Summit Brewing Company is one of the top 50 breweries in the United States and it just so happens to be located in St. Paul, only a mere 2 miles from our apartment. Since I just can’t seem to resist a behind the scenes tour these days, I hopped online immediately and … [Read More...]

Fall Grape Harvest at Cannon River Winery in Minnesota

Joining the Fall Grape Harvest at Cannon River Winery

Fall was rapidly approaching and I figured it would be the perfect time to see if I could find any local wineries that offered tours of their vineyards. I didn’t have much luck in finding a vineyard tour, but what I did find was something … [Read More...]

Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Peek Behind the Scenes at the Orpheum Theater

One fun aspect about moving away from home is that when you return, you have a new appreciation for many things that you would have ignored previously. Recently, we have been exploring the history of the Twin Cities, and one of my favorite … [Read More...]

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