Grabr Review: A Fun Way to Make Money While Traveling

We just learned about an exciting website called Grabr, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash when you travel! Imagine rolling up to a destination abroad, meeting with a local, delivering a requested product, and getting paid for it. Well, if you complete a job with Grabr, that’s exactly what will happen.

Grabr Review Wander The Map

People around the world don’t always have access to all the products they desire. Some items aren’t available for purchase in specific countries, while others are available but come with a very high price tag. And that’s where Grabr comes in; Grabr connects shoppers and travelers around the world through hand delivered products.

Grabr Review Wander The Map

Travelers have been making money with Grabr since 2016, and the website has been featured by Forbes, Conde Nast Traveller, TechCruch, Time Out, and more. To date, thousands of travelers have shared in earning more than $5 million USD, and you have the potential to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars yourself on just one trip! Deliveries have been made in 75 different countries, and there are a lot of routes to pick from. Some of the most popular routes are between the US and São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Lima or Montevideo.

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Grabr is a great way to help people out and connect with locals on your travels. We are definitely looking forward to testing this out ourselves on our next trip abroad! Head to the Grabr website to sign up for an account yourself and read on for our Grabr review.

Grabr Review: How It Works

Grabr is very simple and easy to use. After you create an account, you can enter your trip details and start the process of earning money.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

  • Add your trip details to your account. Trip details include the departure location, destination and travel dates.
  • Browse the order requests for your destination. Once your trip is active, you will be able to see a list of items that people are looking to purchase. When you find a match that suits you, make an offer with your desired fee (or “reward” as it is called on Grabr) and wait for your bid to be accepted.
  • Once your offer is accepted, communicate with your shopper through the app to arrange delivery details. You can discuss any item details/requirements, as well as when and where you will meet to deliver the products.
  • Purchase the desired product with your own money (this is to protect both sides).
  • Pack the product and depart on your trip!
  • When you arrive at your destination, deliver the item in person and payment will be initiated securely through the app.

Benefits of Using Grabr:

There are so many wonderful reasons to use Grabr, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • You can use the funds to offset a portion of your trip costs, or maybe even offset the cost of the entire trip!
  • When you deliver an item, you can always ask for local recommendations about what there is to do in your destination.
  • Another perk is that you might just make a friend! Grabr shoppers are excited to receive their items, and there have been several stories of shoppers and travelers hanging out after a delivery. How fun is that? We always love making new friends when we travel, and a Grabr delivery would be a fun way to do it.
  • On the flip side, if you are having trouble finding an item in your country, you could always become a Grabr shopper and have an item delivered directly to you!

Grabr Details and FAQs:

When we first started looking into the process of delivering an item with Grabr, we had a few questions such as, “How do we get paid?”, “Do we have to purchase the product with our own money?”, and “What about customs?”

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To see a full list of FAQ’s, head to the Grabr website. But, in the meantime, here are a couple of answers to the questions we had.

Purchase and payment works as follows: When an order is confirmed, the buyers money goes into an escrow account and is held until the item is successfully delivered. The travelers buy the items themselves and pay for the product with their own money. This helps travelers ensure they know where the product is coming from. Once the order is successfully delivered, payment for both the item and your reward will be initiated by Grabr securely through the app. Payment typically takes 3-15 days to process.

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I was also curious about how the whole process works with customs and import fees. Travelers are advised to review the regulations of the country they are traveling to and to follow those rules. There are a few different ways that Grabr suggests you handle possible custom and import fees—travelers can estimate the fees and include them in the reward portion of the bid.  You can also discuss the potential fees prior to delivery via the Grabr app and come to an agreement to pay any potential fees upon delivery. Just make sure to save receipts to show actual costs!

Final Thoughts on Grabr:

We love the idea of making money when we are traveling. Why not make a little extra cash for just packing some extra items in your suitcase and meeting up with a local when you arrive.

Grabr Review Wander The Map

Plus, that means you will even have some extra space for souvenirs to bring home with you. We are definitely going to give Grabr a try on our next trip abroad—check out Grabr for yourself to do the same!


This post was produced in partnership with Grabr. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Grabr Review Wander The Map     Grabr Review Wander The Map

Grabr Review: A Fun Way to Make Money While Traveling