10 Amazing Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

We just returned from our trip to Japan, and we thought it would be fun to hear about another traveler’s favorite experiences in the crazy city of Tokyo.  We loved Japan and can’t wait to share more about our adventures with you soon, but for now, we are excited to have Marie from Miles of Happiness share her recommendations on 10 amazing things to do in Tokyo! 

Since I live in Hong Kong, what I like most is the short distance between home and a country I’ve always dreamed to explore. Japan. I already had the chance to get on a few trips, particularly in Tokyo, a city that never stops fascinating me.

Sure, there are enough to do to keep you busy for weeks. But let start with the basics: 10 amazing things to do in Tokyo. If you’re planning to go, you should also read the “48 hours in Tokyo” guide on my blog Miles of Happiness. The perfect itinerary has been prepared for you!

1. Watch the Sumo Wrestlers during their morning practice

Immerse yourself deep in the Japanese culture with a visit at the Sumo’s morning practice. Some of the stables allow visitors to watch. It’s a pretty intense experience. It starts early on the morning, and last for two to three hours. Most of the sumo stables are situated in Ryogoku, Sumo Town.

2. Stroll in Meiji Jingu temple

Tokyo is dotted with wide green parks and gorgeous temples, and if I had to see only one, Meiji Jingu would probably be the one. Right in the middle of the city, this big temple hosts lots of traditional ceremonies. It may be your chance to see an authentic wedding, a Japanese ritual or even a Geisha dance!

3. Stay in a traditional ryokan

There are maaany charming ryokans to stay in, you can easily find one online. It gives you the chance not only to meet to local people, but also to discover the Japanese lifestyle, and maybe even to learn a few words of Japanese!

4. Eat in a sushi bar

The Tokyoites eat their sushi quickly and standing, in sushi bars. For Frenchies that love spending hours at the restaurant, it was a bit of a surprise. But every time we tried, we feasted –and actually liked the bar style. It’s not a legend: sushi in Japan are insanely delicious. I realized that, before tasting Japanese sushi, I didn’t even know what was real sushi.

5. Explore Senso-ji temple & Asakusa district

It’s one of the most touristic attractions of the city, so try to get to Senso Ji as early as you can, to avoid the crowds. The temple is quite imposing, hidden at the bottom of a long alley full of souvenirs shops. If you want to buy kimonos or ceramics, you’re in luck, there’s a big range of Japanese goods, from the tourist traps to the authentics.

6. Enjoy Harajuku’s punky vibes

Photographers, artists, you gonna love Takeshita-dori ! This little street is known for its punks, Lolitas, aspiring goths and other extravagances: a heaven to get some inspiration! I Also great for the grown up kid in us: colorful candies, funky tights, etc.

7. Walk on the famous Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is rumored to be of the busiest intersection in the world. Watching the crowds coming and going is fascinating – it looks like a nice dance ballet. While you’re there, go for a shopping session in Shibuya. This is the place to shop!

8. Admire Omotesando’s stunning architecture

Omotesando is one of the world’s best outdoor modern architecture museum. Every building is an art piece there, designed by some of the most talented architects ever, from Tadao Ando, Herzog & De Meuron to Kengo Kuma… Beside that, the luxury shop windows are real art pieces.

9. Wake up early and discover Tsukiji Fish Market

It’s the biggest fish market in the world. The seesaw motion of the fishmongers on their motos and their fenwick is something really unique! It’s also the opportunity to take a delicious sushi-breakfast. Would you dare?

10. Spend a night in a Capsule Hotel

I was a bit skeptical about it, but actually, it’s not stressful at all. The capsules are quite big, and you even have a TV inside! There are plenty of options in Tokyo, from the backpacker capsule to the luxurious one. Pic the one that suits you the best!


About the Author:

Marie Pottiez is a travel blogger, founder of Miles of Happiness.  Curious of everything, she has an unquenchable thirst for discovery and sharing.

Originally from France, she lived in Belgium, New Zealand and Indonesia, before settling down in Hong Kong in 2014. She spends as much time as possible traveling throughout Asia, discovering new pieces of paradise all year long.

You can follow her adventures on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, watch her videos on Vimeo and get inspired with her Pinterest.