Ice Fishing on Lake Lida

Growing up, I had very little desire to do anything outside in the winter. In elementary school, when recess was indoors because the temperature was too cold (and too cold by Minnesotan standards is colder -10F), I would silently cheer in my head. I would even offer to do cleaning projects for my teachers just to get out of going outside in the cold. Sure, I enjoyed sledding, ice skating, skiing, etc., but never for too long and not too often. It wasn’t until we moved to Florida, when I was 26, that I finally began to enjoy winter activities—mind you, that doesn’t mean I enjoy the cold, but rather I can now tolerate it if we are doing something fun outdoors.


Now that you know that tidbit, you can imagine how sitting out on the lake to go ice fishing never appealed to me. I had absolutely no desire to deal with the cold even though everyone assured me the houses were warm. I wasn’t having it and never went out. Ice fishing was a pretty common activity in high school—especially for weekend parties, but it never interested me.


This past Christmas, I finally decided to participate in the winter activity so beloved by my fellow hometown friends and family. And what did I think? It was a good time, and I actually enjoyed it! Except for driving the truck out on the ice…that has and always will make me feel a bit uneasy even when the ice is well over a foot thick.




During the winter, Micah’s dad practically lives out in his fish house, so we decided to tag along with him. His fish house is out on Lake Lida, which is a short drive from our hometown, and before I knew it, we were pulling up to his fish house.




Fish houses range from a tiny pop up tent to larger trailer like houses with heaps of amenities and things like beds, mini kitchens and heaters to keep you warm—we even know some people who have satellite TV! Our digs for the day were simple, and more focused on fish catching, and we got to work right away when we arrived. Micah’s job was to re-break the ice that had frozen over in the holes, and my job was to scoop out the floating ice chunks.





Once we had the four holes clear, it was time to get fishing, and ahem, the game of cards going!



Micah’s dad and I decided to teach Micah and his sister how to play whist—a card game that I have been playing with my family since I was young. It’s been years since I’ve played and it was so much fun to get back into the swing of it.



In between card lessons, we actually had quite a bit of activity on our lines. They have a camera that drops into the water to see what’s going on below the surface—it was fun to see what fish were around and which fish were interested in our hooks. We ended up catching around 6 or 7 fish and had about 13 bites in total. For a few hours of fishing, that’s not too bad in my book. And, now I think it’s about time to have a fish fry!

Have you ever been ice fishing?


  • Isabella
    Posted at 06:41h, 07 February Reply

    Looking at those fish huts it was not only ice fishing but also kind of ice living!
    Unbelievable. I mean, thanks for the photos,otherwise I would not believe it! Is it popular?
    Isabella recently posted…Frozen Rivers of SiberiaMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 04:15h, 10 February Reply

      Yeah, it is very popular around this area–people spend a lot of time out on the lakes in both winter and summer in Minnesota!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…Ice Fishing on Lake LidaMy Profile

  • antonette - we12travel
    Posted at 01:27h, 09 February Reply

    Totally cool! I’ve never been ice fishing before (just regular fishing, which I turned out too impatient for) but I never realized they actually used fishing houses for this … do people actually make money from this?

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 04:25h, 10 February Reply

      I would think some people make money from it somewhere, but most people do it just for fun! There is a bar out on one of the lakes though–you can go fishing and order drinks at the same time!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…Ice Fishing on Lake LidaMy Profile

  • Sammi Wanderlustin'
    Posted at 09:18h, 09 February Reply

    I have a confession….. I hate ice fishing! Sorry 🙁

    We had to do it in Lapland tons, I went out maybe 3 times a week, and I shit you not we probably had 3 catches in 2 months. Apparently it’s getting better now, but essentially you’re sat in -25c waiting for it to catch knowing its not going to, being enthusiastic about it.

    That said, it sounds like you had a good time 🙂
    Sammi Wanderlustin’ recently posted…Riga’s Really Cool, But…My Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 04:26h, 10 February Reply

      It was a great time, but having to go out is never as much fun than if you have the choice, so I can totally understand that!!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…Ice Fishing on Lake LidaMy Profile

  • Tam Gamble
    Posted at 07:30h, 10 February Reply

    That looks extremely cold. I have never tried fishing in general let alone ice fishing, I am not sure I have the patience if I am truthful! 🙂
    Tam Gamble recently posted…Traveller Insights: Aileen (I Am Aileen)My Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:59h, 15 February Reply

      Yeah, you definitely need some patience–or another source of entertainment to pass the time 🙂 Thankfully the card game kept us pretty entertained when we were not catching anything!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…45th Parallel Distillery Tour and TastingMy Profile

  • Beth
    Posted at 09:18h, 10 February Reply

    This looks so fun!! We almost went ice fishing here last weekend….until my area was struck with too much snow!
    Beth recently posted…#FindingAsia: Nihonmachi 日本町, San FranciscoMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:58h, 15 February Reply

      Hope you got dug out of he snow! We’ve been having a weird winter in Minneapolis–we have had barely any snow–you will have to send it our way next time, lol! 🙂
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…Top 5 Places to Surf Around HonoluluMy Profile

  • Alli
    Posted at 09:24h, 10 February Reply

    Nice job with all the catches! This looks like so much fun – I’d love to try. I also hate the cold, but I’m from Canada and it’s always cold so I will live 😉 Hope you had frequent access to tea or hot chocolate!
    Alli recently posted…7 Top Things I’ve Learned From TravelMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:56h, 15 February Reply

      Thanks! It was great–unfortunately we didn’t have hot chocolate or anything, but I will definitely have to add it to the list for next time! 🙂 One nice thing was the heaters though, so thankfully it didn’t get very cold!!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…45th Parallel Distillery Tour and TastingMy Profile

  • Hayley Swinson
    Posted at 13:47h, 10 February Reply

    Wow, I have to say, I have never thought of “ice fishing” as a pastime…ever. Being from South Carolina, the idea of having a get together with friends and family on the ice is more foreign to me than Easter Island! What an interesting thing to read about – an activity my own countrymen participate in! So many cultural differences just from one side of the country to the other. Crazy!
    Hayley Swinson recently posted…Album Review: Icelandic Rock Band MammútMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:54h, 15 February Reply

      LOL! Yeah, I can see where it could be a foreign concept if you grew up in the south! It is always interesting to think about how different much of our country is–I love hearing about traditions in different regions!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…45th Parallel Distillery Tour and TastingMy Profile

  • kami
    Posted at 16:37h, 10 February Reply

    I’ve never really thought of going ice fishing as it seems so boring + freezing to me but reading how you enjoyed it I might actually give it a chance when the opportunity arises! Now I wish I have tried that when I had a chance during my exchange semester in Finland…
    kami recently posted…Sunday with Pictures: beautiful Bergamo, ItalyMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:50h, 15 February Reply

      Finland would have been a great spot to try it–maybe you’ll just have to go back for a visit! 🙂 But yeah, I always thought it was boring too–I think the key is to go with fun people because we ended up enjoying it!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…45th Parallel Distillery Tour and TastingMy Profile

  • Toccara
    Posted at 15:37h, 11 February Reply

    Sounds like you guys actually had a great time! I, too, would be paranoid about riding in a HUGE vehicle on the ice. As a born-and-raised Florida girl, I’m just now getting around to enjoying true winter experiences. Glad you caught some fish! That make the cold worth it! 🙂
    Toccara recently posted…Exploring the Olympic PeninsulaMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:49h, 15 February Reply

      Glad you are getting to enjoy some winter experiences finally! 🙂 And yeah, I don’t think I can ever get used to riding on the ice in a large vehicle–terrifying, lol!! Catching some fish definitely made it worth it–ended up being a lot of fun!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…45th Parallel Distillery Tour and TastingMy Profile

  • Emme Luck
    Posted at 19:02h, 03 June Reply

    Great story and photos! It is hard to enjoy outdoor activities in the cold – the few times I try to go outside in the winter, I usually end up running back in five minutes later. However, ice fishing is a fun activity for family and friends, encourages sustainable and local food production practices, and preserves culture. Nice job getting out there and thanks for sharing your story! Hopefully you will inspire many more to broaden their horizons. – Emme @ Green Global Travel
    Emme Luck recently posted…10 Best Places To Scuba Dive For Your World Travel Bucket ListMy Profile

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 19:54h, 03 June Reply

      Thanks! I hear you on running back in from the cold 🙂 But, definitely agree–it’s such a great way to get out and enjoy winter, culture and local food as well!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…A Photo Essay: Kyoto, JapanMy Profile

  • Fun haven
    Posted at 00:00h, 03 July Reply

    It was great to read this interesting blog. You have shared awesome pictures, great to see them. Never thought doing fishing in ice can have so much fun. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • Andre Beluchi
    Posted at 20:30h, 16 November Reply

    Jenna, that sure would be a really neat experience to be going ice fishing by a lake. Are there any game fishing tournaments or activities that are being held there and what month of the year are they being held? I ask this because of my passion for fishing as well also, I’m going to be bringing my wife with my to go ice fishing in Alaska.

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 03:46h, 17 November Reply

      There are a ton of fishing events held all winter long! As long as there is ice on the lake there is bound to be an event somewhere in Minnesota 🙂 Usually the ice is on the lakes sometime between November and March, but it all depends on the weather. Hope you have a great time fishing in Alaska!
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…Browns Canyon: White Water Rafting in ColoradoMy Profile

  • Alex
    Posted at 14:00h, 03 December Reply

    It was great to read this interesting blog. You have shared awesome pictures, great to see them. Never thought doing fishing in ice can have so much fun. Thanks for sharing your experience with us

  • Vince Cox
    Posted at 23:11h, 23 April Reply

    Have just found your blog.

    Ice fishing seems very challenge, I must try doing it sometimes.

    Stunning photos though.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  • Melvin
    Posted at 10:56h, 05 June Reply

    Great place to land for fish hunter. The pictures look wonderful. Hope that you will keep updating new trip for us. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dean
    Posted at 03:46h, 10 November Reply

    This looks fun. I live in Texas and we rarely get snow, let alone the weather cold enough for the lakes to freeze like that and go ice fishing. I would like to try this one day.

  • James A.
    Posted at 14:24h, 21 December Reply

    Ice fishing is a blast! I used to go ice fishing college; we sat on the ice in lawn chairs. For lunch, we’d grill brats. It wasn’t until after college I saw the giant shanties that had beds, heaters, and tv. If we had that in college, I don’t think I’d ever have made it to class.

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 23:46h, 21 December Reply

      Too funny–lawn chairs and brats sound like a great time! Yeah I can definitely see how you wouldn’t have made it to class if you had one of the giant houses! 🙂
      Jenna Kvidt recently posted…Reflections on 2016 and Goals for 2017My Profile

  • Aron
    Posted at 12:03h, 31 January Reply

    You’re so right fishing is beautiful and relaxing. High-quality gear, especially fishing nets, make all the difference!
    Aron recently posted…Best Fishing Kayak & Canoe Buyer’s Guide 2017My Profile

  • Dennis L. Ward
    Posted at 03:34h, 14 February Reply

    Catching fish through a small hole is really enjoyable. Your photos are so adorable.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Dennis L. Ward recently posted…Ada Compliance For Outdoor Events | InfographicMy Profile

  • Sherman
    Posted at 06:44h, 16 February Reply

    I loved reading about your adventure. Had hoped to see the live fish though…maybe also the fried ones lol! I love fishing and I love fish even more. And I agree, there’s so much fun exploring fishing through tiny holes.
    Sherman recently posted…Garmin Echo 550c Fishfinder ReviewMy Profile

  • McKenzie
    Posted at 11:44h, 20 April Reply

    Driving the truck on ice would make me a little wary too! This looks like a lot of fun though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ebadul Haque
    Posted at 05:18h, 27 July Reply

    Ahh! Ice fishing..Sometimes I am feeling pretty much curious on ice fishing. Definitely ice fishing is interesting into a lake. But the lake you have mentioned on your post is perfect for ice fishing. Whenever I have reading your post I am really feeling crazy to fishing into the Lida Lake…
    Have a successful fishing life…

  • Steven Mark
    Posted at 04:26h, 02 October Reply

    Looks like it was a really relaxing time. I hope they caught something very big Lol
    Steven Mark recently posted…Best Marine Coolers in 2017- Expert Reviews and Buying GuideMy Profile

  • Robert Smith
    Posted at 22:44h, 17 November Reply

    Hi Jenna,
    Nice pictures and thanks for sharing your experience.
    I also love fishing but I don’t like the cold shivering weather.
    Micah’s dad has a dope fishing house. I am looking forward to shifting from foldable ice shelter to this kind of portable fishing house,
    Jenna, you have really inspired me and now I am looking forward to the winter season
    Robert Smith recently posted…2017 – Full Eskimo HC40 Review | Propane Ice AugerMy Profile

  • Tom H
    Posted at 21:25h, 24 November Reply

    I grew up in central MN (St’ Cloud), so I have had my share of fun times on the ice. Glad you got to experience it 🙂
    I love your photos of the ice, crazy how the patterns form isn’t it?
    Tom H recently posted…5 Best Hand Ice Augers for Easy Hole DrillingMy Profile

  • Suzane
    Posted at 19:31h, 27 December Reply

    Ice Fishing is the word i never heard of, as i am living in Asia. But now i see and understand what is ice fishing, but one thing i didn’t see any fish you caught from the ice, I hope you can share with us, some fish you caught there. 🙂
    Suzane recently posted…Discovering The Loch Ness Lake, It’s Monster & SightseeingMy Profile

  • Thomas
    Posted at 06:22h, 07 April Reply

    Hi Jenna,
    and thanks for sharing your experience.
    What a great post! I have never gone for ice fishing, but the photos make me want to go! Breathtaking moments. I would love to see your catch! You really inspired me to go out for fishing in winter. Thanks for sharing!
    Thomas recently posted…Humminbird Helix 5 Review | Should I Buy ItMy Profile

  • John Bass
    Posted at 16:19h, 20 April Reply

    It’s a very nice article about ice fishing. also the pictures are very nice. thanks jenna

  • Mike Marcel
    Posted at 01:23h, 03 May Reply

    Hi Jenna,
    Its awesome! I have liked this post because I love fishing. But sometimes, I go to fishing with kids.
    They make noise and make very disturbing as a result I can’t catch fish.Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Texas Coastal Fishing
    Posted at 10:30h, 05 May Reply

    Ice fishing looks to be a lot of fun as long as you have an area to stay warm in. I’ve never tried it but it does look painful. Nice article and thanks for showing us something different. 🙂
    Texas Coastal Fishing recently posted…The Top 10 Best Speckled Trout Lures of All TimeMy Profile

  • Matt
    Posted at 19:19h, 17 May Reply

    Great article as always!
    I’d love to try ice fishing one day but need to save some cash before I do!
    Keep those great blogs coming….
    Matt recently posted…Get the last laugh with the best fish finder on the market!My Profile

  • Muskie Jason
    Posted at 10:15h, 04 July Reply

    Being from northern WI, I can totally relate to this post. Ice fishing isn’t for everybody, and can be quite grueling some days. However, on the good days, it’s tough to beat it. It’s not glamorous by any means, but it sure is fun. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dillion S
    Posted at 11:11h, 15 November Reply

    Great Post! I remember being 6 or 7 years old and my grandpa dragging me with him out on the ice for a day a ‘fun’. I remember how much I used to hate it, sitting over a hole in the ice, catching absolutely nothing haha. Now that I’m older I can actually appreciate and reflect on those times. Being in Michigan, and being an avid angler now, I spend a great deal of my time out on the ice. I crazy how things work out sometimes haha. Thanks for the great post!

    • Jenna Kvidt
      Posted at 18:11h, 03 December Reply

      Haha, yeah I would have felt the same way when I was younger! Isn’t it funny how time can change perspectives so much? Glad to hear you enjoy being out on the ice now, too–it can be a lot of fun!

  • Harvey
    Posted at 05:43h, 12 October Reply

    Really good read on Ice Fishing, im getting ready for winter here and looking forward to getting back out fishing, thanks for taking the time to post this!

  • Nisha Batel
    Posted at 04:01h, 04 August Reply

    Ohh wow!!! Fishing on ice lake, sounds like amazing.

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