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1920’s Style Bars and Speakeasies in Las Vegas

We are not club people at all. Perhaps that might be one reason why Las Vegas had always been low on our priority list—I always thought there wasn’t much else to do there besides clubbing and gambling. So, when we booked our tickets, I decided that I needed to look for some spots that are more our style. After searching for some 1920’s style lounges or speakeasies in Las Vegas, I was pleasantly surprised just how many unique hangouts that I came across. While these aren’t all speakeasy or 1920’s style bars, they do all have an atmosphere that we fell in love with! Here is a rundown of some great spots to waste the night away in Las Vegas.


Inspired by the pre-prohibition era, this swanky lounge offers a main level bar, a rooftop garden bar and a secret speakeasy (see below). Filled with remnants of the 1920’s and craft cocktails, the Commonwealth’s focus is on face-to-face socializing and the charm of exposed brick and wood beams. This bar is located in Downtown Las Vegas in the Fremont East District. We loved the relaxed atmosphere—it’s a great spot if you are looking for a laid-back evening.

Commonwealth, Las Vegas, Nevada


Commonwealth, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Laundry Room:

While technically a part of the Commonwealth, this speakeasy style lounge deserves its own category. In order to get into the speakeasy, you need to find the secret number and send a text to make reservations in advance. If your reservation is accepted, you will be sent additional instructions for when you arrive. If you can’t get a reservation, you can try texting the number when you arrive to see if there are any last minute openings. The entrance is located through a secret, hidden doorway. Once you get inside, there are a few rules to follow: keep quiet voices, no standing at the bar, and no photos (but if you want a sneak peek inside, click here). Inside the bar, the atmosphere oozes prohibition style and there is only room for about 28 people max. On your table you will find spicy and delicious popcorn and a craft cocktail only menu (no beer is served). The bartenders are award-winning mixologists, and they can whip up an item on the menu or customize a drink specifically to your taste. Although drinks are spendy, at $15 a pop, this speakeasy was hands down our favorite place to hang out in Las Vegas.

The Laundry Room, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Lady Silva:

Another bar that has a speakeasy element is The Lady Silva, but this spot doesn’t require reservations made on a secret number. Located on a side street in the Arts District, the entrance is hidden behind unmarked doors, next to a hair salon and on the first floor of an apartment building. The inside of the bar is filled with mismatched, vintage style couches, black and white checkered floors, book filled walls and graffiti ceilings. TV’s and a DJ booth add touches of the modern world to the dark atmosphere, but since we visited on a quiet Monday evening, the music was still quiet and the vibe was very relaxed.

The Lady Silva, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Lady Silva, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Lady Silva, Las Vegas, Nevada


Also located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont East, the Vanguard offers sidewalk seating outside and a funky decor inside. Focusing on custom cocktails and fresh ingredients, unique beers and boutique wines, there is sure to be something for everyone. They also have live entertainment from Monday-Saturday if you are looking for a more lively atmosphere.

Vanguard, Las Vegas, Nevada

Vanguard, Las Vegas, Nevada

Chandelier Room:

The Chandelier Room is the only location on this list that is located on the strip—it is actually located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It has more of a club vibe than the others, but with its inventive cocktail menu and since it is located inside a chandelier made from 2 million crystal beads, we thought it was a fun spot to check out on the strip. There are three levels to this bar, each with their own menu: level 1, level 1.5 and level 2. One creative drink on the menu is the Fire Breathing Dragon made with raspberries frozen with liquid nitrogen—this drink makes you breath smoke from the mouth. The not-on-the-menu Verbena cocktail includes a “Szechuan button” (a flower from Africa); it gives your mouth a crazy sensation and enhances the flavors.

Chandelier Room, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mob Bar:

For some strange reason that we never figured out, the Mob Bar was closed when we tried to visit, but it is a spot that is no doubt filled with Prohibition-era glamour. This speakeasy style bar also specializes in handcrafted cocktails, and for entertainment, they offer live jazz, dueling pianos and crooners on the mic. Next time we are in Vegas, this bar will definitely be on our list!


Have you been to Las Vegas? What style of bars are your favorite?