FIG Clothing Review

Travel Fashion: FIG Clothing Review

I always struggle to find the right combination of clothes to pack for a trip—I try to pack as light as possible, and that usually means carry-on only. That being said, I don’t want to pack unnecessary items, and I want the items I do pack to be versatile enough to mix and match and be dressed up or dressed down. So, when FIG Clothing contacted me to review a few items of their clothing, I excitedly accepted after a look around their sleek website.

FIG Clothing Website

FIG Clothing is a Canadian clothing brand made for “active, urban and elegant women who love to travel.” They focus on comfort, versatility, adventure and practicality—and it just so happens to be all the things I look for when purchasing clothes that I have in mind for travel.

A couple of aspects about the FIG Clothing brand that I really love is their commitment to producing their products locally in Canada, and that two of their collections are made with eco-friendly and organic materials. They make a conscious effort to lower their footprint on the environment as much as possible, and they make the quality of their products a priority. FIG is also active in their community; they give old goods to charities, support causes they believe in, and contribute to sustainable development. They even provide free public transportation to their employees—how cool is that?!

There are many travel focused clothing brands that offer clothes convenient for travel, but they don’t do it in style like FIG Clothing does. I love that the pieces are built for the road, but cute enough that I would wear them at home, as well. I don’t want to look like I’m going for a hike when wandering through the streets of Paris, but at the same time, I don’t want to look too dressy when out exploring nature either. As we normally mix our itinerary with both city culture and nature adventures, I need clothes that can work in either situation; this is one of the ultimate tests for me.  When an item is comfortable, versatile and stylish, I know I have found a winner!

After spending some time browsing the site, I picked three of my favorite items, but let me tell you, it was not an easy task. There are five different collections of clothing: FIG Voyage, FIG Safari, FIG Ocean, FIG Metro and FIG Chalet. Each collection is designed using its own unique fabric enabling freedom of movement and style. I ended up selecting a dress and a top from the FIG Safari collection, and a sweater from the FIG Voyage collection.

Oakland Top: FIG Voyage Collection

Comfortable sweaters that don’t look frumpy are always a win in my book. I love it when a top can be worn in most any scenario and I feel that this one can. Plane? Perfect. Casual day in the city? Of course! Hiking in the woods? You bet. With its strong and stretchy material, it holds its shape and a great accompaniment in any casual setting. Plus, it is light enough that it will keep you warm but not weigh you down.

FIG Clothing Review FIG Clothing Review

Alldays Dress: FIG Safari Collection

I was a little nervous ordering a dress online without trying it on first—I typically have an extremely hard time finding dresses to fit me right, but those fears were unfounded. This dress is super comfortable and it just feels great on. It fits nice and can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. I would feel great going out in the dress for a casual evening with flats, but I also think it can be dressed up a bit with the right shoes and accessories. Plus, the Safari collection fabric is soft, stretchy, anti-bacterial and UV resistant—all great components when outside exploring all day.

FIG Clothing Review FIG Clothing Review

Foula Top: FIG Safari Collection

Cardigans are my favorite item of clothing, mostly because I am always cold and I love being able to throw a light sweater on over what I am already wearing. They are also great for mixing and matching, and this top is no exception. I love that it isn’t long sleeved which makes it great for warmer days, but yet it is flowy enough to wrap up and snuggle in if it gets a bit chilly out. It feels like a giant cozy scarf, but looks like a stylish cardigan or shawl.

FIG Clothing Review FIG Clothing Review

The quality of the material in each piece is excellent, and you can tell the items are made to last. I have a feeling these items will come along with me on many adventures around the globe!


What do you look for in travel clothing?

Do you like these items as much as I do?


Many thanks to FIG Clothing for providing me with the clothing items to review. As always, all opinions are my own!