De Proeverie: Tea-Room, Bruges, Belgium

Delicious Hot Chocolate in Bruges

After wandering around lost in the rain for 45 minutes, we finally happened upon the spot we were looking for: De Proeverie Tea-Room. The highlight of this unassuming cafe is the delectable hot chocolate. Belgian chocolate is to die for–my mouth is literally watering even as I think about it, and this hot chocolate is made from some of the highest quality chocolate in Belgium. The tea-rooms sister store, Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc, sits right across the street, and produces the chocolate used in this amazing drink. This store is the oldest chocolate business in Bruges and uses 100% pure cocoa butter.

Bruges, Belgium 069

Bruges, Belgium 070

Belgian chocolate stands out from its competitors because it is made from high quality ingredients and with traditional techniques. One of the main differences in Belgian chocolate is that it is not received in a hard form and reheated. Most Belgian chocolatiers receive their chocolate in heated trucks shortly after production–this enables the chocolate to retain more of its aroma than other chocolates from around the world.

Bruges, Belgium 010

The cafe itself provides a nice, relaxing atmosphere with a fireplace and paintings of dogs dressed up in suits. It is the kind of place where I could easily whittle away an afternoon with a good book and of course, some hot chocolate or tea.

Bruges, Belgium 074

Bruges, Belgium 075

The hot chocolate arrives in a DIY fashion, with warm milk in one cup, velvety smooth chocolate in another, a dollop of whipped cream and 4 pieces of chocolate from Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc across the street. I love creating and making things, so it was fun to mix the ingredients myself.

Bruges, Belgium 071

Bruges, Belgium 072

I ended up using every last drop of the chocolate, and almost wanted to lick out the cup; it was THAT good. After sneaking a spoonful of the liquid chocolate and giving my cup a good stir, it was time to taste the heavenly concoction. The texture of the chocolate was perfection: creamy, smooth yet intense all at once. After we sipped our last drops and finished our delicious chocolates, our energy was restored and once again we were ready to face the rainy weather outside.

Bruges, Belgium 073