San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine, FL

Sangria in St. Augustine

The theme of this week’s #FriFotos is Cocktails.  This image of the appetizers and sangria was taken with our trusty iPhones on an unbelievably toasty day in St. Augustine, Florida–the temperature was around 110° and the humidity was over 90%.  Because we had to walk a couple of miles back to our car and didn’t want to turn into lobsters from the sun, we decided to wait in the shade until the sun set.  After our tour of the San Sebastian Winery, we made our way up to their rooftop bar and settled into a nice little spot in the shade and ordered some snacks and drinks. Be sure to check out our video that we made from our  36 hour weekend in St. Augustine, FL.

Sangria at San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine, FL