Frozen Lake in Minnesota

Frozen Lakes

I hate the cold. I mean, I really hate the cold. The forecast for my hometown this next Sunday is a HIGH of -10° F and a low of -25° F, and that’s actual temperatures, without wind chill.

I’ve always loved cold weather outdoor activities, the problem is that it was usually too cold for me to want to go outside. I remember in middle school several of my girlfriends and I would hide in the bathroom during recess on cold days, just so we could avoid going outside in the bitterness. Although, on the warm days (and by warm, I mean above 0° F) I would actually have a good time outside. I love to snowmobile, sled and tube down hills, ice skate, ski, and such, but one thing I never tried was ice fishing! After living in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, for 24 years, I am really surprised that I have never been ice fishing–especially since I’m always up for trying almost anything once.

The funny thing is now that I live in Florida, I am actively seeking out travel to winter destinations! It’s nice to finally have a desire to venture outside in the cold. We have a trip to Iceland coming up this spring, and we will be able to go glacier hiking and ice climbing! Also, we are going home for a long weekend next month, and I am excited to get outside–I am already scheming about plans for activities that we can take part in. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can get outside some.

Since today is #FriFotos, all this talk about cold weather fits with this weeks theme: Snow/Ice. Here are a couple of photos Micah took on a frozen lake when we were home for Christmas a year ago.

Frozen Lake in Minnesota

Ice Houses on Frozen Lake in Minnesota