Stained Glass at La Sainte-Chapelle

This weeks #FriFotos theme is windows–the windows that immediately came to my mind when I heard the theme, were the beautiful stained glass windows at La Sainte-Chapelle on the Île de la Cité in Paris.  This tiny chapel ended up being one of my favorite sites in Paris.  I wasn’t expecting anything special, but I had heard that it was pretty as well as close to Notre Dame, so we decided that we should check it out.

The small spiral staircase leading up to the chapel was a little claustrophobic, but once we made it to the top and had a look around the room, I was in awe.  We were pretty lucky with our timing when visiting–we happened to walk right up to the entrance when there was no line and reached the top of the stairs a couple of minutes before the choir started singing.  The sound of the choir mixed with the light shining through the stained glass was a perfect match.   I am excited to visit again in 1.5 months…the countdown is on!