Floating Pontoon Bridge

The #FriFotos theme this week is Bridges.  Keeping up with the Curaçao theme I have going on, I decided to feature a photo and time-lapse video of the Queen Emma floating pontoon bridge in Willemstad, Curaçao.  Because this bridge crosses the St. Anna Bay it has to open frequently to let boats and ships pass through.  It is really an interesting sight to watch the bridge float open–some people even stayed on the bridge while it was floating open and closed.  However, there is a ferry, called the ponchi, that crosses the harbor free of charge for those who need to make it to the opposite side when the bridge is open, which we ended up taking just for fun.  Walking across the bridge was a strange feeling as you constantly felt the motion of the water underneath you; not that there were intense waves or anything, but it was still cool to experience.  Check out the bridge in action below.