Cliff Jumping in Curaçao

Hut located along the cliff next to Playa Forti Beach

Behind an unsuspecting, abandoned hut, a narrow path runs between the wall of an open air restaurant and the edge of a cliff around 40 ft high.  At the far end of the cliff, there is a little platform that sits in a perfect place for jumping off the edge and into the water below.  This cliff is just to the left of the Playa Forti beach in Curaçao.

Playa Forti Beach

Path to cliff jump platform

Platform for jumping – 40 ft above water

Playa Forti Beach is located on the western end of the island, in Westpunt, a short drive away from the Lodge Kura Hulanda & Beach Club.  Unless it is a Sunday or a holiday, you won’t find many people at Playa Forti–you will only find beautiful, expansive views of the west end of Curaçao.  The stairs down to the beach are a little steep, so if you are feeling lazy, why not just jump off the edge of the cliff instead?  Sure, you will have to swim back to shore, but with the warm water and bright sun, you really can’t go wrong.

After watching YouTube videos of people jumping off the cliff, we decided we had to try it for ourselves.  I was really excited to jump, but I’m not going to lie, it was a little intimidating standing on the platform, looking over the edge and seeing birds fly beneath you.  When we arrived, there were very few people around and no one else was jumping, so we were a little hesitant to take the first plunge.  We weren’t sure if it was still a safe spot to jump from, so we hung around to scope it out a bit.  Sure enough, minutes later we were joined by a few others who had the same idea in mind.  After watching a couple of people take the leap, we finally got over our nerves and made our way to the edge.

Micah went first and took the camera with him, recording on the way down.  It was so much fun, I had to jump twice; but beware if you are not wearing a secure swimming suit because the water is CLEAR–thankfully there weren’t too many people around!  We were so exhausted from our morning hike up Mt. Christoffel, so we didn’t have enough energy to jump more than a couple of times, but we definitely will do it again on our next visit!

Watch our video below: